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Our European-quality cakes are designed to perfection just for you. We believe they should be as delicious on the inside as they are lovely on the outside. Always made entirely “from scratch” using the finest ingredients, they are rich with butter, local cream, real vanilla, and dark Belgian chocolate, and are never overly sweet.

A tier of cake typically consists of two layers, a filling in between, and frosting and decoration on the outside. Wedding cakes include an Anniversary tier in addition to those for serving guests. With styles, sizes, and flavors to suit every occasion, we are always happy to help you choose the perfect combination.

Simple or lavish, we welcome special requests and we will do our utmost to fulfill them. Please feel free to call with inquiries, for price ranges, or to schedule a consultation for your wedding or other large event. 

Kim L. Morrison


Sour Cream Yellow Cake 
moist, flavorful, and pale ivory; a great favorite, and excellent with all fillings and frostings

Sour Cream Chocolate Cake 
dark and fragrant with chocolate, butter, and vanilla 

White Velvet Cake
tender, delicate, and colored pale ivory with butter and vanilla

Chocolate Almond Cake
dense with almonds and bittersweet chocolate 

Butter Nut Cakes
finely-ground nuts in rich yellow cake
         --Butter Almond, with a touch of almond extract
         --Butter Pecan, mellow and classic
         --Butter Hazelnut, unique European flavor

Orange Almond Cake
butter almond cake made lush with orange liqueur syrup

Marble Cake
less rich, with swirls of yellow and milk chocolate cake

Buttermilk Spice Cake
high, light, and wonderfully spicy

Carrot Cake
moist, tender, and very flavorful--but not heavy; full of nuts, carrots, pineapple, and coconut

Coconut Rum Cake
rich yellow cake with a light coconut flavor; good with chocolate ganache, or with rum filling and fresh fruit

Banana Cake
very moist with excellent banana flavor; particularly wonderful with chocolate ganache frosting

Apricot Sour Cream Pound Cake
fine-textured, dense, and decadent with brandied apricots; an old family recipe

New York Style Cheesecakes
smooth, creamy, and dense; perfect with white chocolate cream cheese frosting
         --Plain - excellent with lemon curd or raspberry glaze
         --Chocolate - surrounded by a chocolate crumb crust and coated with either chocolate ganache, or cream cheese frosting
         --Apricot Swirl - marbled with swirls of sweet-tart apricot puree

French Genoise
light sponge layers with a melting texture, soaked with your favorite flavor of liqueur syrup 
          (Moist Golden or Bittersweet Chocolate)


Chocolate Truffle Cream
outrageously rich confection of whipped dark chocolate and cream--with your favorite liqueur if you like

Chocolate Mousse
creamy and intense, but lighter than truffle cream

soft, creamy, and not too sweet
          (Raspberry, Strawberry, Apricot, Rum, or with Liqueur)

Citrus curd
intense, tart English-style spread
          (Lemon, Lime, or Blood orange)

Maple Nut
pecans, walnuts, pure maple syrup, and a touch of rum, all held together with a bit of buttercream


Meringue Buttercream
the finest frosting—rich, buttery, and not overly sweet; light-textured, pale ivory, and perfect for wedding cakes
          (Vanilla, Almond, Orange, or Lemon)

Chocolate Buttercream
     soft, silky, and bittersweet 

Silk Buttercream 
     amazingly rich and smooth; meringue buttercream enhanced with custard
          (Vanilla, Coffee, Caramel, Hazelnut, or White Chocolate)

Chocolate Ganache
     shiny dark chocolate glaze or filling

White Chocolate Cream Cheese
     the ultimate cream cheese frosting

Rolled Fondant
     very sweet, firm, rolled covering with the look of alabaster

Specialty Cakes

Celebration cake - our very best
     layers of moist golden genoise soaked with a light, orange liqueur syrup and layered with chocolate soufflé pastry, chocolate whipped cream, and either coffee or hazelnut silk buttercream 

Italian wedding cake
layers of moist golden genoise soaked with rum syrup, filled with a mixture of ricotta and marscarpone cheeses, almonds, and shaved chocolate, then frosted with meringue buttercream

Chocolate mousse torte
dark chocolate mousse in a chocolate crumb crust, frosted and decorated with whipped cream

Chocolate truffle torte
dense, creamy, flourless chocolate cake covered with whipped cream and topped with raspberry puree

German chocolate cake
sour cream chocolate cake, filled and coated with a rich whipped frosting of pecans, coconut, cream, and butter

Swiss black forest cake
light bittersweet chocolate genoise with kirsch syrup, brandied cherries, mounds of whipped cream, and if you like, chocolate glaze

Fruit filled angel food
high, light, vanilla angel food cake, filled with pastry cream and fresh fruit, then covered with lemon curd

Chocolate angel food - “like eating chocolate air”
     heavenly with chocolate whipped cream, or nearly fat-free with cocoa-hazelnut glaze

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