Cakes for Occasions
by Kim Morrison








We have created a variety of galleries for your enjoyment.  Each gallery displays cakes in a different way to give visitors a sense of the many options available and to showcase some of Kim's more detailed work.  If you see a cake you particularly like, please contact us with both the gallery name or number and the cake name or description so we can discuss customizing it for you.  If you like, you can also find additional information in the FAQs. 

Gallery One:

This Gallery provides the most detailed view of the featured cakes.  We display a number of cakes and if you click on the cake, you will be taken to an individual page featuring only that cake, with close ups of the cake's features and a description of materials and flavors.

Gallery Two:

This Gallery offers a study of a number of our more impressive cakes with additional close-ups of their special design features. 

Gallery Three:

This Gallery is a series of thumbnail shots of dozens of cakes.   There are no close-ups of design features here, but this gallery can help you understand the endless possibilities available in colors, shapes, decorations, and sizes.

Wreath Gallery:

Kim created a sugar flower wreath for one competition (describing it as one of the single most challenging works she's done because there was no real foundation for the flowers.)   This gallery offers many close ups of her detailed sugar art. 

Finally, we have our "170th" Gallery.  Click through to learn more about this very personal cake:


Cakes for Occasions by Kim Morrison
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